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The Night Bazaar area in Chiang Mai is a popular spot to spend and evening, and from around 6pm the streets around it are bustling with visitors who have come to check out the hundreds of stalls that set up their wares nightly. There is plenty on offer to buy, whether you are looking for traditional crafts from the region or imitation branded products. It is also a great area to have dinner or a drink, with a great variety of Thai and Western Restaurants near the Night Bazaar. 

Night Bazaar Highlights

Night Bazaar Shopping

Night Bazaar consists of countless stalls packed along the sidewalks and spilling out into the street. Here you can find vendors selling almost anything you can think of. Read More...

10 Things to See in Chiang Mai Top 10 Nightlife Experiences

Here are some of the finest nocturnal pursuits in Chiang Mai; an electic concoction of activities and entertainment options to please any taste, creed, age or persuasion. Read More...


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